The Casual Cat Cafe Experience

Pet boarding service in Richland Hills, Texas
Hanging with Cashin, Kramer, Sonic, and Viola

I have seen adorable pictures and videos of viral cat cafes on social media. As someone who loves cats and cafes, (I mean that’s what had inspired this blog after all) I desperately wanted to visit one. But not living in a major city, I didn’t expect one to be near me. To my surprise, I actually found one not too far away. In Richland Hills, TX, on the corner of Glenview Drive and Glen Hills Road, sat a white and grey spotted cat snoozing on a windowsill. And this would just be one of many waiting to catch your acquaintance once you step inside The Casual Cat Cafe. I had scheduled our appointment to the cat lounge a month in advance once I knew we’d be in the area. After traveling for 5 hours before arriving to the destination, I was filled with anxiety from being on the road too long and I was ready to calm down with a furry friend in my lap. With excitement and high expectations, we entered the building to be greeted by the engaging front employee. We had informed her about our appointment time and she just explained a few rules to abide by before stepping in the room where the cats are located: no picking up cats and how they prefer if we take off our shoes are the ones I can remember and understand as to why they’re enforced. She also offered us free beverages and snacks sitting on a nearby counter. There were soft drinks, mini candy bars and chips, and a coffee machine if we wanted to help ourselves to make.

Cashin on the prowl.
Snoozy Cashin.

Being too ready to just meet the cats, I just picked up a Sprite and package of Pringles. I had also purchased some treats to give the cats, in my mind, doing so to make them like me faster. Once we got all of our goodies, the employee escorted us to the door that would allow us to finally see the cats. The first cat we got introduced to was Simon, a chonky grey sleeping cat who lives at the cafe. I felt the urge to disrupt his slumber, but I held back and entered the cat lounge. There was only one other couple in the room with us, so the overall vibe for our appointment was really relaxing. Suddenly, all my anxieties disappeared as I petted, received head bunts, and licks from multiple kitties. In the lounge, there’s a lot of seating (although I preferred to sit on the floor for better access to the cats) and a variety of cat toys among the ground to choose from. As soon as the cats noticed our cat treats in our hands, we instantly became the most popular in the room. I became best friends with a peach tabby who had no tail, Cashin. He was so playful and he loved hunting a string toy I would hold outside a cat tunnel he would hide in. Definitely one of the cats I wish I could take home with me. Luckily, soon after our visit, he actually got adopted! Another cat I grew attached to was a black and white spotted cat. I didn’t get the chance to learn their name, as they weren’t wearing a collar.

Sweet Sonic.
Playful Sonic.
Sweet kitty.

They would be hard to notice at first glance. When I first spotted them, they were hiding in a corner behind a chair. But once I called out to them, they timidly came out and began rubbing on us. They were the most sweetest and friendly one! I wish we lived within city limits to take them home. I had the best experience getting to meet all the cats, earning their trust, and playing with them all. As soon as I knew it, our time was up. Well, it’s not like anyone had told us our time is up but I didn’t want to overstay our scheduled time (which I so easy could have if given the opportunity). As we said our goodbyes to our new kitty friends, we left the cat lounge. The front employee met up with us again and asked about our experience. I really enjoyed our conversation with her, we had explained how we traveled to visit and that it was such a pleasure to be there. We also got to meet the owner of the cafe. My overall experience of The Casual Cat Cafe was amazing. Honestly one of the best days of my life, all because I got to spend time with cute cats. I remember leaving with a smile on my face, so relaxed and excited to come back sometime. If you’re ever in the DFW area and looking for a cheap, fun way to waste an hour, I recommend The Casual Cat Cafe to spend your time. You won’t regret it!

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