One year of Folklore

Spinning the Folklore vinyl

On July 24, 2020, Taylor Swift surprised the world and released one of her most iconic albums, an album that took the pandemic by storm: Folklore. And now it’s been a whole year since one of my favorite albums played on this earth. Waking up that morning to see my favorite artist drop an album was one of the best feelings ever. It’s still very frequently played in my house and the album itself is a masterpiece. It royally screwed up my order of which Taylor albums are my favorite. It used to be: 1989, Reputation, Lover. But, now I’m not so sure anymore. Folklore is so beautifully written and every song is placed very well. To listen to the album whole is a cinematic experience. I obviously love every song but I’ll list my favorites in order: August (because my birth month duh), Seven, Betty, The Last Great American Dynasty, The 1, Exile, Illicit Affairs, Cardigan. Every song has its own story to tell and it’s painted in detail. The album will have you in your feels even if you can’t relate to the feelings the lyrics say. Seven is the song I feel a special connection with. It tells about finding comfort in a friendship as a child and wishing to escape their bad home life to their play-pretend life. At least, that’s what I interpret it as. I love the whole love triangle Taylor thought out between Betty, James, and Augustine. I love getting to know the story of Rebekah. And I love that Taylor collaborated with one of my favorite artists: Bon Iver! This whole album is like the perfect album picked from my dreams. Folklore takes you on a journey. It’ll forever have a special place in my heart! I was so happy when my boyfriend bought me the Cardigan merch; I use any chilly weather as an excuse to wear it. It’s so beautiful and I want it to last forever. Thank you Taylor for giving the world the chance to go on this fairytale experience with salt air and tall trees.

“and just like a folk song, our love will be passed on.”